5449, Lake of Solitude

written by Rick Minogue Published: September 10, 2018 Created: 09/10/1976 Entry: 5449
Lake of Solitude

5449, Lake of Solitude

Want to hear it?  Here’s the link to YouTube:  https://youtu.be/nmzhJse0hC4

Got time for a story?

Lake of Solitude…

At some point, I was over playing banjo in The Ray Duerr Band.  It was sometime in the late 70s, and we were tired of each other and I was tired of being tired.  A  couple of friends and I headed west on a spontaneous road trip, and while hiking in the Grand Tetons, we stumbled on Solitude Lake.  The photo I posted is not her, to protect her innocence.  At that time, I was questioning everything, including organized religion and the way I’d learn to practice it, and the name of the lake gave me the idea for the song.

Hope you enjoy.

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