5414, Wedding Day

written by Rick Minogue Published: June 17, 2018 Created: 06/16/1974 Entry: 5416

5416, Wedding Day

Want to hear it?  Hear’s the YouTube Link: Wedding Day

By the time I was 20, I’d played a million weddings.  Sometimes I was in the reception band playing banjo in a bluegrass band.  Rolling in My Sweet Baby’s Arms got them on their feet and in retrospect, our band favorite which we were so proud of – Bringing Mary Home, sent them back to the open bar).

Equally often, I found myself standing near an alter or bower playing Paul Stookey’s Wedding Song.  There’s a link to Paul Stookey’s Wedding Song below the post.  I love Paul Stookey’s Wedding Song and I think if called upon, I could still play and sing it to this day.  But when the sister of one of my dearest friends asked me to occupy the “near alter place” at her wedding, I decided to write this song based on my impression of her as we were all were coming-of-age together.

Like a lot of my music, this recording was found in a cardboard box in my barn in 2014, salvaged from a 35+ year old cassette that I’d forgotten existed.  It seems that the oxide holding the lower registers decays faster than the upper, and what you hear is what is left after time has taken its toll.

Notes:  When we recorded it, we wanted this song to sound florid and over-the-top.  Baroque.  My Dear Sister sang harmony, and we recorded it at Lost Lady in Hanover, PA.  The date of creation is only approximate.

Many thanks to Kate Minogue for the sharing her photo.  There’s also a link to her website below.

Cheers, Listener!  Hope you enjoy.

Wedding Day

The time has come for learning

The time has come for love

The time has come

for you and I

to join in a life


Leave behind the old ways

Let them fade away

Let this new life

blossom out

Its our Wedding Day


Well I don’t know how to tell you I love you

But that doesn’t mean I can’t learn

I’ll probably forget to say thank you

But your favors will always return


And when I don’t think I can manage

I know you’re gonna help me along

Oh please please

Help me sing our song


There’s so many dreams to discover

So many things to find out

I know it won’t always be easy

But growth

is what life is about


And as we grow older together

You’re gonna be with me all of the way

Oh Thank God

Its our Wedding Day


Oh, Thank God

Its our Wedding Day

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