5390, HOA Rap

written by Rick Minogue Published: May 20, 2018 Created: 03/12/2015 Entry: 5390
Homeowners Association

5390, HOA Rap

Want to hear it?  Here’s the YouTube link: HOA Rap

I had a lot of fun trying to channel my inner Snoop Dogg.

Notes:  I recorded this track at Immersive Sound, in Boulder, CO.  No HOA Board Members were harmed in the making of this soundtrack.


I am The Man from your HOA

I’m pissed, I’m picky and I’m here to say

That hot pink siding has got to go,

Gonna send you a letter, pocket your dough


That grill’s been sitting on your deck for a week

Saw your dog on the Commons, taking a leak

I got photos of your kids shooting hoops in the drive

Don’t you know I’m only here to help your neighborhood thrive?


You tried to grow some flowers but you dug up the ground

I picked it right up when I was snooping around

So I sent you a warning, your neighbors’ll grumble

Your blood pressure spiked, you were ready to rumble


You should’a known the rules before you purchased this castle

I’m not looking for trouble, don’t need no hassle

I’m back next week with the list that I wrote

You got three more days to get rid of that boat


So take my advice and fall in line

Hey, watch where you hammer that For Sale sign

Better read the fine print before you buy your next shack

I’m the HOA Man and I will be back

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